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About Us

TeamRaise provides unique, easy, turn-key programs to assist youth sports teams to raise the necessary funds needed to purchase equipment, pay for travel costs and primarily, attend some of the best national events in the country. We work directly with national event providers to establish a custom program, with the TeamRaise platform as the driving engine, tailored to help teams financially attend their events.

Build Your Team’s TeamRaise Webpage

(Your team must already be registered with TeamRaise in order to have a webpage built. Please refer to your sponsoring event organization to learn how to register for their specific program). **150 minimum tickets sold in order to receive a TV**

In order to build your new TeamRaise team webpage we will need a little information about your team. For further explanation, please see the field definitions here and fill out the form below referencing these definitions so that we have the proper information to build your team’s page.

See a sample TeamRaise webpage here : SAMPLE TEAM WEBPAGE

Contact Email Address

Your contact email address will be sent all notifications of online donations received by your TeamRaise team webpage. You can print these online donation notifications and include them with your standard donation ticket receipts when drawing your TeamRaise winner. This email address may be the same as your PayPal payment email address if you used the same email address to setup your PayPal account. However, remember, if you give us an email address that is not tied to your PayPal account you will not receive your donation payments so make sure you give us the right address! Double-check your PayPal account to make sure.

PayPal Email Address

In order to accept donations for your team you will need to have a PayPal account. PayPal accounts are free and you can create one HERE. You’ll want to setup a Premier or Business account so you can accept credit card and bank transfer donations to your account. Your PayPal account is tied to an email address you used to setup the account, which may or may not be your regular contact email address. We’ll need your PayPal email address so that we can setup your new page to accept donations directly to your PayPal account.

**PayPal fees apply to all transactions**

List of Player's Names

Please list all of your player’s names for us here, one player per line. When someone donates to your team they’ll want to associate their donation with one of your players. This allows us to give your donors the option of choosing which player their donation is on the behalf of in a simple drop-down menu choice. This will also help you to keep track of each of your player’s online donations if you’ve set individual quotas.

Upload a Team Photo or Logo

We need either a team photo or a logo to headline your new TeamRaise webpage. See the sample TeamRaise webpage link above. Photos tend to work better when donors are looking at your page, but if you don’t have one then a logo will suffice. Don’t worry if your photo doesn’t show the kids in their uniforms – you just want your donors to be able to see who they’re helping! Your team photo should be at least 300K in file size and at least 800 pixels in width when at all possible. This assures that it will be a high enough quality image for us to use with your page.

About Our Team

Here you should write several sentences about your team and why you are using TeamRaise to raise money. See sample TeamRaise team webpage link above. Write about why you feel this is a great opportunity for your kids and a little background about your team, how you were formed, where you are from, etc. This section will be posted on your team’s webpage and explains to donors how you will benefit from their donations and why you are asking them to support your team. This is an important part of your page to help motivate onlookers to get involved and help your team reach their fundraising goal!

Submit The Form

That’s it! Click the submit button and we’ll get to work on your team’s TeamRaise webpage right away! Once the webpage is built we’ll email your contact email address with your unique web address that you can share with family, friends and other potential donors via email, social media, texting and more. Any donations received via your webpage will go directly into your PayPal account and you will receive email notifications instantly.
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Submit Your Drawing Winner

Here you will indicate to us the winner of your TeamRaise drawing. Please complete all fields below. Processing time is 2-3 weeks after submission.

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Return Authorization (RA) Number Request

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